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2. South African Customs Union Agreement

Botswana is a contracting member of the Southern African Customs Union Agreement hence, goods imported from or exported to South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland enjoys free movement without payment of customs duties or quantitative restrictions. Only local taxes, such as Value Added Tax, are levied on goods imported into Botswana or exports at destination country. Where there are some import prohibitions or restrictions, they will usually be confined to instances where the security, economic, social, and cultural interests of the importing country will be put at stake by such importation.

For further information on SACU, please visit the SACU Website.

3. Prohibited Goods

The importation and exportation of the following goods in Botswana is completely prohibited:

1. Narcotic, habit-forming drugs and related substances in any form

2. Military firearms, ammunition and explosives

3. Indecent and obscene material such as pornographic books,magazines, films, videos, DVDs and software

4. Semi-precious stones such as agate, amethyst, Botswana pink, jade, rose quartz, carnelian, chalcedony, crystal quartz, tourmaline, jasper, tanzanite, garnet, moss agate, tiger’s eye, sodalite, aquamarine, azurite and malachite.

It is important to note that possession of prohibited goods is illegal and may result in seizure of such goods and prosecution of the person importing or exporting such goods.

4. Restricted Goods

These are goods, whose importation require a permit issued by a Regulatory Authority or are subject to quantitative restrictions. From time to time, the Ministry of Trade and Industry publishes Restricted Imports and Exports Regulations detailing restricted imports and exports as well as the manner in which the restrictions are to be applied. The Regulations may change in a very short time, especially with respect to agricultural goods, and it is therefore essential that if a traveller or trader is in any doubt of whether the importation or exportation of a specific group of goods is prohibited or restricted to please contact any BURS (Customs & Excise Division) office before travelling.


The following consumer goods may be imported for private use without an import permit provided they do not exceed the maximum allowable quantities. The list below is not exhaustive and travelers are advised to consult the Restricted Imports and Exports Regulations for a more exhaustive list.

 Products    Maximum Quantity 
 Red meat, goat/lamb 25 kg per family
 Poultry meat 5 kg per person
 Tinned poultry meat 20 kg per person
 Eggs 36 eggs per person

5. Customs Duty and Import VAT Exemptions

Imports by Government Ministries/Departments, privileged persons and organisations specified under the Customs and Excise Tariff Schedule are exempted from payment of Customs duties and where applicable, VAT. This is however subject to prior approval of a relevant Exemption Certificate by BURS.

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